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Old Mutual Funeral Insurance: Secure Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

Old Mutual Funeral Insurance

When considering the future and the inevitable, it’s crucial to ask ourselves how we can ease the burden on our loved ones during times of loss. Old Mutual, a prominent financial services provider, offers a solution through funeral insurance policies. But what exactly does Old Mutual Funeral Insurance entail, and how can it provide peace of mind and financial security to families during their most challenging times?

This introduction explores the features and essential aspects of Old Mutual’s funeral insurance offerings, shedding light on its role in planning for life’s most certain uncertainty.

What is old mutual funeral insurance?

Old Mutual Funeral Insurance is a specialized insurance product designed to alleviate the financial burden associated with funeral expenses following the death of a policyholder or their covered family members. Old Mutual insurance coverage ensures that in the event of an untimely demise, the financial aspects of arranging a funeral are taken care of, allowing families to focus on mourning and honouring their loved one’s memory without the added stress of financial constraints.

Key Features of Old Mutual Funeral Insurance

Key Features of Old Mutual Funeral Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage: Old Mutual offers a range of plans tailored to fit individual needs and budgets, ensuring a suitable option for everyone. Coverage can extend beyond the policyholder to include spouses, children, parents, and extended family members.

Immediate Payouts: Understanding the urgency of funeral expenses, Old Mutual typically ensures quick processing and payout of claims, often within 48 hours of submitting the necessary documentation. This swift response helps families proceed with funeral arrangements without delay.

Flexible Premiums: The insurance plans come with flexible premium options, allowing policyholders to select a payment plan that matches their financial situation, ensuring the insurance is both accessible and sustainable.

Added Benefits: Beyond the basic coverage, some plans include additional benefits such as grief counselling services, support for repatriation of the remains, assistance in funeral arrangements, and holistic support to families during their time of need.

No Medical Examinations Required: Signing up for Old Funeral Insurance typically does not require medical examinations, making the process straightforward and accessible to a broader audience.

Inflation Protection: Certain policies offer inflation protection options, ensuring that the coverage amount increases over time to keep pace with rising costs, thereby safeguarding the policy’s value in real terms.

Cashback Benefits: Some plans may offer cashback benefits, providing policyholders with a portion of their premiums back after a specified period of claim-free years, adding a value proposition to the insurance policy.

Old Mutual Funeral Insurance is designed with the understanding that dealing with the loss of a loved one is challenging enough without the added burden of financial worries. By offering comprehensive, flexible, and compassionate coverage, Old Mutual helps ensure that families can give their loved ones a dignified farewell reflective of the esteem in which they were held.

How Old Mutual Funeral Covers You?

Old Mutual offers a range of funeral cover plans that provide financial support and coverage for various funeral-related expenses. These plans cater to individuals, families, and even community groups, with the flexibility to include immediate and extended family members. Old Mutual’s funeral covers offer different levels of coverage, starting from basic to more comprehensive options, with features like cash-back incentives and premium holidays. 

They aim to ensure that the financial burden of funeral expenses is lessened for the family or beneficiaries in the event of a death. This makes it easier for them to focus on grieving and handling other important matters during a difficult time.

Why choose old mutual funeral insurance?

Choosing Mutual Funeral Insurance can be a wise decision for several reasons, each underlining the company’s commitment to providing financial security and peace of mind during the difficult times of losing a loved one. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Old Mutual for funeral insurance:

Reputation and Reliability: Old Mutual Life Policy is a well-established company with a long financial service history. Its reputation for reliability and trustworthiness is critical, ensuring that policyholders can count on their policy to deliver when it’s most needed.

Tailored Coverage Options: Understanding that every individual and family has unique needs, Old Mutual offers a variety of plans that can be customized to suit different preferences and budgets. This flexibility allows policyholders to choose the coverage that best matches their requirements without paying for unnecessary extras.

Quick Claim Processing: In grief, the last thing families want to deal with is bureaucratic red tape. Old Mutual is known for its efficient old mutual claims processing, often releasing funds within 48 hours of claim notification, which is crucial for covering immediate funeral expenses.

Comprehensive Support Services: Beyond the financial coverage, Old Mutual provides additional support services such as grief counselling and assistance with funeral arrangements. These services can be invaluable for families navigating emotional and logistical complexities of funeral arrangements.

Inclusive Coverage: The policies are designed to be inclusive, old mutual funeral cover quotes offering the option to cover not just the policyholder but also spouses, children, parents, and extended family members. This inclusivity ensures that the broader family network can be protected under a single policy.

No Medical Exams Required: The accessibility of Old Mutual Funeral Insurance is enhanced by the fact that it typically doesn’t require medical examinations for policy issuance, making it easier and quicker for individuals to secure coverage.

Inflation Protection and Cashback Benefits: Some plans offer features like inflation protection, ensuring the coverage amount keeps pace with the cost of living, and cashback benefits, rewarding policyholders for not making claims over a certain period.

Customer-Centric Approach: Old Mutual’s customer service is geared towards understanding and addressing the needs of its clients, offering guidance and support throughout the policy term, from initial inquiry to claim processing.

Choosing Old Mutual’s Funeral Insurance means opting for a product that provides financial relief in times of loss and does so with compassion, understanding, and respect for the policyholders and their families. This holistic approach to funeral insurance makes Old Mutual a preferred choice for many seeking assurance and peace of mind in planning for life’s most challenging moments.

Old mutual funeral insurance vs Guaranteed Issue Funeral Insurance

When comparing Old Mutual Funeral Insurance to Guaranteed Issue Funeral Insurance, it’s essential to understand the unique features, benefits, and potential limitations of each to make an informed decision based on individual needs and circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of the two:

- Old Mutual Funeral Insurance

  • Flexibility: Old Mutual offers a range of plans with varying levels of coverage, allowing policyholders to choose or customize a plan that best fits their needs and budget.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Policies may include additional benefits such as grief counseling, assistance with funeral arrangements, and repatriation services, providing holistic support beyond financial relief.
  • Quick Claim Processing: Known for efficient processing, Old Mutual often disburses funds quickly, usually within 48 hours after claim notification, which is crucial for covering immediate funeral expenses.
  • Inclusivity: Coverage can include the policyholder and immediate and extended family members, offering a wide protection net.
  • Customer Service: Old Mutual is recognized for its strong customer service and support, guiding policyholders through every step of the process.


- Guaranteed Issue Funeral Insurance:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance: As the name suggests, this type of insurance guarantees acceptance regardless of health status, with no medical exams or health questions required, making it accessible to those with significant health issues.
  • Simplified Process: The absence of medical underwriting simplifies the application process, making it quick and straightforward to obtain coverage.
  • Higher Premiums: Due to the lack of medical underwriting and the increased risk to the insurer, premiums for guaranteed issue policies are typically higher than other funeral insurance types.
  • Graded Death Benefits: Many guaranteed issue policies come with a graded death benefit, meaning if the insured dies within the first few years of the policy (typically 2-3 years), beneficiaries may receive a limited payout, often equal to the premiums paid plus interest, rather than the full policy amount.
  • Limited Coverage Amounts: The coverage amounts for guaranteed issue policies are generally lower than traditional insurance policies, which may not fully cover all funeral expenses.

- Comparison:

Underwriting Process: Old Mutual may require some health disclosures or a simplified medical review, which helps them offer more competitive premiums and higher coverage amounts. In contrast, guaranteed issue policies do not require medical information, catering to those who might not qualify for traditional insurance due to health issues.

Cost-Effectiveness: Old Mutual’s plans can be more cost-effective for individuals in good health or with minor health issues, as the underwriting process allows for lower premiums. Guaranteed issue policies, while accessible, come at a higher cost due to the higher risk assumed by the insurer.

Benefit Amount and Extras: Old Mutual policies may offer higher benefits and additional support services, which can be more comprehensive than guaranteed issue policies’ typically straightforward financial payout.

Choosing between Old Mutual Funeral Insurance and Guaranteed Issue Funeral Insurance depends on individual health circumstances, financial situation, desired coverage level, and the importance of additional support services. Old Mutual might be the better option for those in good health seeking comprehensive coverage and support.

However, for individuals with significant health issues who might not qualify for traditional insurance, a Guaranteed Issue Funeral Insurance policy provides a valuable safety net, albeit at a higher cost and with potential limitations.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover Benefits

Old Mutual Funeral Cover offers policyholders several benefits. Key benefits include:

Comprehensive Coverage Options: Old Mutual’s range of funeral plans caters to diverse needs, offering policies for individuals, families, and communities. These plans vary in coverage and are designed to suit different financial capabilities and preferences.

Family-Focused Benefits: Their funeral covers extend beyond the individual policyholder, providing financial support for immediate and extended family members in the event of a death. This ensures that a broader circle of loved ones is covered.

Financial Benefits and Incentives: Some Old Mutual plans include cash-back incentives, offering policyholders a return of a portion of their premiums after a certain period. Additionally, premium holidays allow temporary relief from payment obligations during financial hardship.

Affordable Premiums: The plans are structured to be cost-effective, catering to people with varying budgets. This allows for more accessibility to funeral cover, regardless of one’s financial situation.

Additional Benefits and Riders: Some policies include terminal illness benefits and grocery/education support options in addition to basic coverage, adding value and support for the policyholder’s family.

Efficient Claims Processing: Old Mutual prioritizes swift claims processing and is committed to paying out valid claims within a short period, typically within 48 hours, thereby reducing the financial stress on families during bereavement.

Flexible Coverage Amounts: The coverage amounts across different plans can be tailored to suit individual needs and circumstances, providing policyholders with flexibility and choice.

Specialized Plans for Communities: Old Mutual offers the Burial Society Support Plan, which is adaptable based on group demographics and needs. This plan is specifically for groups like religious organizations or social clubs.

Old Mutual funeral cover for parents and extended family

Old Mutual’s funeral cover extends to parents and extended family, offering a way to ensure that the costs associated with their funerals are taken care of. These funeral cover for parents allow the inclusion of extended family members, such as parents, grandparents, and even siblings, providing a comprehensive cover that recognizes the importance of extended family in many cultures. 

The cover amounts and terms can vary, offering flexibility to suit different needs and financial situations. This type of cover is particularly beneficial for those with a responsibility or wish to support their parents and other family members. It ensures that funeral expenses are not a financial burden during challenging times.


In conclusion, Old Mutual Funeral Insurance offers a robust and compassionate solution for those seeking to mitigate the financial and emotional burdens accompanying losing a loved one. With its flexible coverage options, inclusive policies, and additional support services, Old Mutual stands out as a provider that truly understands the multifaceted nature of grief.

Its quick claim processing and customer-centric approach further ensure that policyholders receive financial support and the guidance and care they need during such challenging times. Whether it’s the comprehensive coverage, the swift response in times of need, or the added benefits that extend beyond financial assistance, Old Mutual’s Funeral Insurance provides a comprehensive safety net, making it a considerate choice for individuals and families planning for the future with peace of mind and dignity.


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