Final Expense in The Last Frontier

Dying can be costly. When you pass away, your family may face financial burdens due to various expenses. Final expense insurance helps ease this burden. Discover your options in Alaska by reading on.



What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a life insurance type similar to whole life insurance, but without a medical exam requirement and fewer benefits than traditional policies. Some other common names used for final expense insurance are burial insurance and funeral insurance.


In Alaska, final expense plans work like regular whole life insurance. Once purchased, policyholders make ongoing premium payments to insure themselves or someone else. If the insured person passes away while the policy is active, it pays out a death benefit.


Final Expense Benefits in Alaska

The benefits provided by final expense plans are fairly consistent across states, although you might notice less variety in Alaska compared to other places. Typically, these policies offer death benefits ranging from $2,000 to $40,000, with higher amounts being rare.


When the insured person passes away, the money will be given to the beneficiaries. You have the freedom to choose who these beneficiaries are; the decision is entirely yours. For assistance in selecting the right beneficiaries for your situation, consult with an insurance agent today.


Choosing a Final Expense Plan


If you’re looking to purchase a final expense plan, the most effective way is to connect with a final expense agent. Burial Senior Insurance is here to assist you in finding coverage in Alaska. To begin exploring your options, call 800-718-4568 for a free quote.


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