Funeral Cost Calculator

Funeral costs are a real concern for most families facing the death and burial of a loved one. It’s already a stressful and anxious time, and the realization that you’ll need to spend thousands of dollars for a proper goodbye can make things even tougher.

Certainly! Even if you haven’t planned ahead with pre-paid funeral packages like many families do, there are still ways to handle funeral expenses. You can explore options such as comparing prices, choosing more affordable burial alternatives, and organizing services at your preferred funeral home to help manage the costs effectively.

Our team has created a funeral cost calculator that you can use to get a baseline idea of how much a funeral in your state is going to cost.

Certainly! No matter if you’re in California, Georgia, New York, or any of the 50 states, we’ve covered funeral costs everywhere so that everyone can plan ahead. For information on funeral expenses, visit our article dedicated to funeral costs in 2023.


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Help with Funeral Costs

The funeral cost calculator might have shown how unexpected and costly funerals can be. Many of the individuals we assist are seniors with fixed incomes who often struggle to afford these expenses. We often receive inquiries from our customers asking about Social Security assistance for funeral payments. However, the truth is, Social Security only offers $255 for qualifying funeral expenses, which might barely cover the cost of flowers.


 – There is still hope to get help with funeral costs.

Life insurance for funeral costs can cost you less than $1 per day and provide you with enough to cover funeral, cremation, and burial costs. 


How Much Are Funeral Costs?

We understand the estimated cost of your funeral. Now, let’s explore the expenses to cover either your own or a loved one’s funeral. Taking into account that the average funeral typically amounts to around $10,000 according to the funeral cost calculator, we’ll base the rates we discovered on that coverage amount. Generally, $10,000 is the most common face amount considered for these purposes.

On average, burial insurance rates range from about $45 to $100 per month. However, your individual premium could vary based on factors such as your age, health condition, and the coverage amount you choose.

While it’s a good idea to compare options, it’s important to be cautious. You might come across online or TV ads offering free burial insurance for seniors or the well-known $9.95 colonial Penn life insurance.

Frequently, these advertised premiums are determined for a healthy person and usually offer coverage between $1,000 to $2,000. So, when you encounter an ad stating ‘Coverage starting at just $9.95’ or ‘Coverage for just pennies per day,’ it’s important to be skeptical. For instance, Colonial Penn’s $9.95 plan only provides $717 for a 70-year-old male. Their advertisement might give the impression of receiving more coverage than the actual $717.


Funeral Cost Breakdown

There are various routes to reduce funeral expenses, like choosing cremation, traditional burial, or opting for distinctive methods such as a tree pod burial.


Burial Caskets

When it comes to a traditional funeral service, burial caskets can vary significantly in price. Some may cost as little as $50 at the lower end, while others may reach up to $3,000 at the higher end of the price spectrum.

The significant difference in price arrives because metal caskets can be extremely lavish, occasionally including traces of gold or other metals, and adorned with high-quality embroidered materials.

At the lower end, caskets may lack these elements, and in some cases, for cremation caskets, they might even be made of cardboard.

The cost of burial caskets is generally higher compared to cremation caskets. This is partly because cremation caskets are burned or vaporized during the cremation process, while traditional burial caskets remain intact indefinitely, housing the remains of the deceased.


Metal Casket

A metal casket embodies durability and solemnity, offering a dignified resting place for the departed. Crafted from steel, copper, or bronze, these sturdy containers protect and preserve the deceased. Their polished finishes and ornate designs often symbolize reverence, providing closure and honoring a life lived.


Wood Casket

A wood casket symbolizes natural elegance and tradition, crafted from walnut, oak, or cherry. Its warm, rich grains evoke a sense of warmth and timelessness. Handcrafted with care, these caskets exude craftsmanship and offer a serene final resting place, connecting the departed with nature’s embrace.


Green Casket

A green casket represents eco-conscious choices, often made from biodegradable materials like bamboo, willow, or recycled cardboard. Embracing sustainability, it honors the environment by minimizing ecological impact. These environmentally friendly caskets offer a final resting place that aligns with a person’s commitment to a greener legacy and nature preservation.


Rental Casket


A rental casket serves as a temporary vessel for funeral services, allowing families to honor their loved ones without purchasing a permanent casket. Usually crafted with an insert that holds the deceased, these caskets offer a cost-effective solution while preserving the dignity of the departed during ceremonies before cremation or burial.


Funeral Home Service Fee

When you organize a funeral service, the chosen location must provide various support services, resulting in additional funeral home fees related to burial expenses. These fees might cover labor costs, facility expenses, staff payments, transportation, and occasionally, embalming.

By combining all these fees, the total funeral home service charges can amount to $3,000, encompassing all the mentioned services. Despite being one of the costlier parts of a funeral, it provides a sense of security knowing that this facility and its team are dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones during these challenging times.



Embalming, the method of preserving the human body, is particularly linked to a memorial service. In cases of an open casket burial, this process is used to maintain the deceased’s body and enhance its appearance to make it as presentable as can be.

In this process, a specialized team attends to the deceased body, employing various techniques to enhance its appearance. This aims to provide a comforting and respectful image for those who view it, evoking fond memories of the person. The cost of this procedure can reach up to $1,000, contingent upon the burial service and the level of embalming needed.


Burial Plot Cost And Headstone

The cost of a burial plot and the accompanying headstone can vary based on the state where the cemetery is situated and the level of extravagance desired. Prices for a burial plot can range from $1,000 to $4,000, while the most elaborate headstones can cost up to $10,000.

These specific features, along with similar elements, often significantly contribute to the increased cost of burial services due to their substantial price variations.


Cremation Costs

The expense for the complete cremation service is higher compared to direct cremation. This is because the chosen facility needs to include the cremation of the casket as part of the process.

The current average cost for cremation including the casket is slightly above $409. On the other hand, direct cremation costs approximately $90. Estimated future expenses for these options are around $1,100 and $250, respectively.