Pre-Need Life Insurance

Pre-Need Life Insurance

Pre-need life insurance, a type of burial insurance, allows you to book your funeral arrangements in advance. Typically, it’s an agreement between you and your selected funeral home to provide funeral services after your death. 

This will ensure that you don’t have to rely on your family members or friends to cover your final expenses.

Pre-Need Life Insurance

What Is Pre-Need Insurance?

A unique product of funeral or burial insurance designed to fund your end-of-life expenses is termed pre-need life insurance. This policy will fund your final arrangements when the time comes. The death benefit of the plan will only cover these costs as the funds are directly paid to the funeral home. 

It means with pre-need insurance, your preferred funeral home service provider will become your beneficiary. The policy has flexible premiums as one can pay all at once or opt for monthly payments. However, the plan never expires unless the premiums are paid. 


How Much Does This Life Insurance Cost?

The price of this plan may vary depending on your preferred services and funeral home service provider. Along with them, different insurance companies also have different rates. However, the average cost of a funeral in the USA is $7,000.


Benefits Of Pre-Need Life Insurance

Just like any other type of funeral insurance, pre-need also offers you relaxation so that your loved ones do not have to worry about your final expense at your demise. Aside from it, the plan also offers:

  • A choice of planning your end-life service according to your will.
  • Remove the decision-making burden from your family. 
  • No medical exam or questions are required. 
  • Advance payment of your final expenses. 
  • Available for anybody of any age. 
  • Most of the policies are mobile. 
  • Excess funds are tax-free. 


Who Should Opt For This Insurance Plan?

Although pre-need insurance is not a suitable option for everyone even with the availability of several regular life insurance plans. However, here are some of the possibilities when you can consider getting this plan: 

  • A terminal illness disqualifies you from burial insurance (rare but possible). 
  • You can’t qualify for an affordable term life insurance plan. 
  • You want to ensure your funeral planning. 


What Type of Services Do You Get From Pre-Need Insurance?

Pre-arranging your funeral is a great way to ensure that your final ceremony will be carried out as you want it to be. With this plan, you can choose:

  • Location 
  • Merchandise and 
  • Services 


You can choose the location of your choice where your end-life services will be held. In addition, you can also select your final resting place. While merchandise may include selecting caskets, burial containers, urns, and many others. For services, you can decide the music you want to play or transportation of the dead body, along with many other important decisions. 


Is Getting Pre-Need Life Insurance The Right Choice?

Your end-of-life plans and their costs are never a simple topic to talk about. However, if you are a responsible person concerned about your last services and don’t have any other insurance plan to cover them, pre-need insurance is a good-to-go option for you. 

Furthermore, if you are still confused about the services or decision to get this insurance plan, you can consult our professional agent at +1 (800)-718-4568. We feel proud to offer you the simple information you need for getting your funeral services.

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