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Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is a small permanent life insurance plan meant to cover the burial expenses for the insured when he dies. It does not mean that it leaves extra money for your surviving family members. That’s why it is considered one of the reasonable insurance options for those who are looking for a plan there in years. 

The policy offers you peace of mind while ensuring that your family will not be left alone with huge burial costs of your funeral expenses. 

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Meanwhile, the payout or death benefit of the burial insurance is less as compared to regular insurance plans, its premiums are also reasonable. It’s very easy to purchase as it doesn’t require any medical exam even if the applicant is not in good health. 


Why Do You Need a Burial Insurance Plan?

The main purpose of burial insurance is to pay for your final expenses so your loved ones don’t have to worry about that cost. Certainly, they will be in a grieving and emotional situation because of your death and you don’t want to put more stress on them by leaving a massive bill. 

Aside from that, costs for funeral and burial services are rising each day. The average prices of these services are about $8,000 and it’s increasing every year. So it’s recommended to get burial insurance now to save yourself and your loved ones.


How Does a Burial Insurance Plan Work? 

While getting a burial plan, you have to choose the coverage amount you want and determine the beneficiary of your insurance policy after your death. In case of your death, the designated beneficiary will contact the insurer to start the claim process ASAP. However, the beneficiary has to provide his/her identification along with a certified copy of the death certificate with a claim form. 


What Does Burial Insurance Cover?

Burial insurance covers all the expenses and normal costs included in someone’s death. Unless you have gone through a loved one’s demise, you may not have an idea about the costs of death. Here is a quick review for you.

Burial insurance generally covers: 


  • Embalming or preserving the body
  • Cost of transporting the body
  • A casket 
  • A burial spot 
  • Cost to open or close the grave 
  • Grave liners 
  • A headstone along with customized carving 
  • Flowers 
  • Payment to priest 
  • Rental costs of the venue where the memorial service is held.


Along with these services, the payout from burial insurance can also be used to cover any outstanding debts like medical bills or credit card debt of the deceased. The designated beneficiaries can use this amount to pay down the mortgage or any other debt left behind by the insured. 


How To Get Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance can be bought from any regular insurance company in some US states or via a funeral home if licensed. To get a policy, you have to fill out an application form which may ask some simple health questions, although you never have to undergo a medical exam. 

However, a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, a type of burial insurance, is available without any health questions. You can go for this plan if you are suffering from some serious illness and can’t get an insurance plan any other way. 

You can also buy a policy online (through an insurer’s site) which mostly requires a phone call to an agent or insurance broker. Contacting a broker is advantageous as he provides you with various policies from different insurance companies to get the best one for you. 

Once you have got the policy, ensure that your aligned beneficiary is aware of your insurance plan. Also tell him about your insurance company from where you bought the policy, the policy number, and about the agent (if bought through him).