Final Expense in The Peach State

Looking for life insurance without medical exams? Final expense insurance is just like traditional life insurance, but without the hassle of medical tests. Qualifying is easy, making it a perfect choice if you’ve had trouble securing the coverage your loved ones deserve.


To learn what to expect from this form of coverage, read on. 


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

If you haven’t heard of final expense insurance, it’s time to learn more. Similar to whole life insurance, these plans don’t require a health exam, making qualification a breeze. Getting covered has never been easier!


Skip the medical exam and answer a few health questions instead. Your responses help assess the risk for the insurer. Even if you’re rejected by other plans due to health issues, this is not a problem. Guaranteed issue final expense will still be an option for people who are rejected from other plans.

What Is a Death Benefit?

When someone passes away, their life insurance policy provides a vital financial lifeline to their loved ones. The amount, typically between $5,000 and $50,000, depends on the chosen plan. It’s a way to ensure security and support for the family left behind during a difficult time.

Estimated Final Expense Costs in Georgia

In Georgia, end-of-life expenses can total up to $19,300, covering medical costs, funerals, and burial or cremation. Funerals alone can cost around $7,000, making final expense insurance a wise choice. The coverage cost is affordable, especially compared to paying out-of-pocket for these expenses. For just $40 to $80 a month, you can secure coverage that shields your family from the additional financial burdens associated with your passing.


Let Us Help!

If you are interested in purchasing a final expense insurance plan, reach out to Burial Senior Insurance. We specialize in life insurance and can assist you in finding a plan tailored to your needs. Just one call is all it takes to get started on securing your peace of mind.

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