Final Expense in The Bluegrass State

Have you ever considered your funeral plans or Or planned for its costs? If not, now is the perfect time to organize the details of your end-of-life needs. Final expense insurance can help you take care of these costs and ensure your family and loved ones are prepared when the time comes.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Secure your peace of mind with final expense insurance – designed just for you, seniors. This affordable life insurance policy ensures you can cover your funeral, burial, or cremation expenses. With a small monthly premium, you can get up to $50,000 in coverage tailored to your needs.

What sets the final expense apart from traditional life insurance? Well, you enjoy lifelong coverage with final expense, and the best part? Monthly premiums can be as low as $40. No need to fear outlasting your term life policy anymore Applying for final expense insurance is even easy, with no medical exam required. You only need to answer a few health questions.


Benefits of Final Expense in Kentucky

With final expense, will range from $2,000 to $50,000, in an amount of your choosing. This amount serves as a payment for your trusted beneficiaries, often close family members, who will be able to use the money as they see fit, although you can document your wishes for your final arrangements. Importantly, your loved ones can use any remaining money however they like.

In Kentucky, an average funeral and burial expense is $7,347, while a full-service cremation costs about $6,087. Without preparation, these costs can burden your loved ones. Planning ahead lifts this financial weight, allowing your loved ones to focus solely on cherishing your memory.

Get a Final Expense Policy in Kentucky

Feeling the need to boost your savings? Pay attention, because for as low as $40 per month, you can make a big difference. Final expense insurance could be the solution you’re looking for, easing the burden of funeral costs and financial worries for your loved ones. At Senior Life Services, we specialize in burial insurance to provide your family with peace of mind. Let our dedicated agents assist you in finding the perfect final expense policy in Kentucky. Call us today at 800-718-4568 for a free quote!

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