Final Expense in the Maine

As a Mainer, you’re well aware that life’s expenses can accumulate. You work to build your savings, protect your investments and prepare for expected costs. Most importantly, you do your best to protect your family. But the unexpected, high costs of your funeral can take them by surprise and create additional stress at a difficult moment. With final expense life insurance, you have the power to set aside the necessary funds to cover those costs and ease that burden.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense is your personal life insurance plan, offering coverage from $2,000 to $50,000 for your entire life. With a monthly premium as low as $40, you can make sure there’s enough money saved up to cover your funeral, burial, or cremation expenses. When you’re no longer here, the death benefit goes straight to your chosen loved ones—trusted family members or friends—who will handle these costs. You get to pick the benefit size based on your savings and expected end-of-life expenses.


Importance of Final Expense Coverage in Maine

Life’s expenses, including funerals, medical bills, debts, and day-to-day living, can add up fast. In Maine, the average funeral and burial cost is $7,602, and a full-service cremation averages $6,270. If you’re planning to spend at least $8,000 on your funeral, you can choose a death benefit of that amount to ensure your loved ones have the cash they need for upfront expenses. Any leftover benefit can be used for your other end-of-life costs or their own needs, as they see fit.


Final expense insurance is a special option provided by life insurance companies. You can enjoy the benefits of permanent life insurance without needing a medical exam. Instead, you’ll answer simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ health questions on your application. If you’re worried about qualifying, you can opt for a guaranteed issue final expense policy, which comes with automatic approval.


Final Expense in Maine

Life insurance is a common choice for folks in Maine who want to safeguard their families. Term life is the usual, budget-friendly pick, but it comes with an expiration date. If you already have a term life policy, consider giving your loved ones added peace of mind by including final expense coverage. This way, they can count on it to cover the costs of your end-of-life arrangements.


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