Final Expense in The Minnesota

Empower yourself by preparing for the practicalities of your last days. When you buy final expense insurance, you can take control of the financial burden you might otherwise leave for your family.

Final expense policies provide coverage for your funeral, burial, or cremation expenses. In Minnesota, the average cost of a funeral and burial is $8,634, while a full-service cremation averages $7,459.


Many residents in the state rely on final expense insurance to assist their loved ones in covering these expenses when the time comes.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a lifelong, permanent policy that covers you for your entire life. As long as you keep up with your premium payments, your chosen beneficiaries are assured to receive the death benefit. While final expense policies typically offer smaller death benefits compared to other life insurance types, they can provide coverage ranging from $2,000 to $50,000 to assist in covering your funeral and burial expenses. Your selected loved ones receive this payment.


Why Get Final Expenses in Minnesota?

Funeral homes require upfront payments for goods and services provided by third-party vendors. These costs can place immediate financial stress on your family and loved ones if you haven’t saved for them. For individuals without substantial savings or a whole life insurance policy, final expense insurance is a wise choice to ensure the financial protection of your family.


Applying for a final expense policy is easy, and even if you have serious health conditions, you can still get the coverage you require. Final expense policies don’t demand a medical examination; you only need to complete a health questionnaire. For those with two or more severe health conditions, a guaranteed issue policy is available. This type of final expense policy doesn’t ask any medical questions and accepts all applicants, though premiums may be slightly higher.


How to Buy Final Expense in Minnesota

Funeral, cremation, and burial expenses can accumulate swiftly during a sensitive time. You can reduce or remove that burden from your loved ones by purchasing a final expense life insurance policy to pay for those costs. Burial Senior Insurance agents have assisted thousands of individuals in finding the right coverage. Give us a call today at 800-718-4568 for a free quote.

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