Final Expense in Montana

You may be Worried about end-of-life costs. Unexpected expenses can appear more daunting than necessary. But here’s the solution: when you invest in final expense insurance in Montana, you can bid farewell to those concerns about funeral costs. These policies provide your loved ones with the funds they need to cover your expenses once you’ve passed away.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Are you aged 50 to 85 and want peace of mind? Consider final expense insurance—it’s designed with you in mind. With a moderate benefit ranging from $1,999 to $49,999, it’s there to cover funeral, burial, or cremation costs when you need it most. Plus, as long as you keep paying your premiums, your coverage lasts a lifetime.


Death benefit is the main coverage of final expenses. You pick the amount within your coverage range, and when the time comes, your loved ones receive that money directly as a cash payment. No middleman, just flexibility for your family to use the funds as they need. If you get extra coverage, it’s a financial safety net for your family, covering not just funeral costs but also medical bills, debts, and daily living expenses.


Choosing Final Expense in Montana

When you discover a policy that suits your coverage needs, the process is straightforward. You apply by providing a few personal details and completing a health questionnaire. No need for a medical exam; you simply indicate “yes” or “no” regarding any serious medical conditions or recent medication use in the past two years. 


Now, if you have a few serious medical conditions and are concerned about qualifying for the standard final expense policy, there’s an alternative. You can opt for a guaranteed issue final expense policy, which comes with a slightly higher monthly premium. With this option, you are automatically accepted without the need to answer any health questions. It’s a more accessible path to securing the coverage you need.


In Montana, you’re looking at an average of $6,750 for a funeral and burial or $5,700 for a full-service cremation. Remember, these costs tend to go up each year. When you invest $9,999 or more in final expense coverage, you’re not only easing the financial load on your loved ones but also finding peace of mind for yourself. It’s your way of lightening their future burden ahead of time.




Find Your Final Expense in Montana

Final expense insurance gives Montana seniors the coverage they need to prepare for their final days. Burial Senior insurance helps people find the plan they need to pay for end-of-life costs. Give us a call today at 800-718-4568 to get your free quote.

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