Final Expense in the Keystone State

Millions of Americans have already chosen to secure a final expense insurance policy. They discovered its significance, and you might as well. If you’re not aware, final expense insurance is a special kind of life insurance that’s more inclined to accept individuals with pre-existing conditions that might make them ineligible for other life insurance choices. 


If you’re a Pennsylvania resident without life insurance, it’s worth considering final expense insurance. These plans are usually affordable and offer valuable benefits.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a lifelong policy that protects you. You pick a benefit amount from $2,000 to $50,000, and when you pass away, your loved ones get that cash. It’s meant for your funeral expenses and final arrangements, but it can also help with medical bills, debts, living costs, and more. Your beneficiaries have the flexibility to use the money as they choose, following your wishes if you’ve documented them.


Choosing Final Expense in Pennsylvania

The Final expense insurance isn’t your typical life insurance. It’s smaller and is tailored to the needs of seniors who are looking to pay for the costs of their funerals and burial or cremation. In Pennsylvania, a funeral and burial will cost an average of $7,639 and a funeral and cremation costs an average of $6,388. If you haven’t built up savings and don’t have a whole life insurance policy, final expenses might be a good option to help you take care of these costs for your loved ones.


Getting a final expense policy in Pennsylvania is easy to qualify for. Unlike traditional life insurance, no medical exam is required. You just need to answer some health questions. Your premium costs will depend on your age, gender, and your health answers. Even if you have significant health issues, you can still buy final expense insurance with a guaranteed issue policy. These may cost a bit more each month, but they accept everyone, no matter their health.


Purchase Final Expense in Pennsylvania

If you’re a senior in Pennsylvania, final expense insurance is an affordable way for you to handle your end-of-life expenses and ease the load on your family. At Burial Senior insurance, we specialize in finding the burial insurance coverage that suits your needs. To get a free quote or talk to one of our agents, call us today at 800-718-4568.

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