Final Expense in Virginia

Final expense insurance as similar to traditional life insurance, except there is no medical exam required. This makes it easier to qualify after applying compared to other life insurance options. If you’ve faced challenges securing the life insurance necessary to safeguard your loved ones, final expense insurance might just be the ideal solution and perfect to you.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

If final expense insurance is new to you, it’s time to get educated. These plan are much like whole life insurance, but the perk is that you don’t have to submit a health exam to meet the requirements. This simplifies the process of obtaining coverage, making it a much easier journey for you.


Instead of going through a medical exam, all you need to do is respond to a few health questions. Your answers offer the insurer a glimpse into the level of risk involved in providing coverage for you. While certain plans might turn away individuals with significant health issues, you don’t have to worry. Guaranteed issue final expense insurance remains available for those who face rejection from other plans. This means you still have an option tailored to your needs.


What Is a Death Benefit?

The death benefit is the money that is paid out when a life insurance policy activates. This happens when the insured person passes away. Death benefits for final expense insurance plans vary depending on the plan that the policyholder purchases, but they generally fall into the range of $5,000 to $50,000. 


Estimated Final Expense Costs in Virginia

In Virginia, End-of-life expenses might easily go over $19,300. This covers medical expenses, funeral expenses, and burial or cremation costs. The funeral alone can cost up to $7,000, so having final expense insurance is a good idea. You’ll discover that the cost of coverage is rather low as compared to what you’d have to spend out of pocket for final expenses. You can get coverage that protects your family from additional expenses due to your death for as little as $40 to $80 each month.

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