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Burial Insurance After Breast Cancer: How to Get in 2023

Burial Insurance After Breast Cancer

Getting approved for burial insurance after breast cancer is often simpler than anticipated (in many situations). Whether you’re a cancer survivor or undergoing treatment, it’s important to realize that burial insurance options are available to you.


This article will detail how life insurance companies evaluate breast cancer patients, guide you in finding the optimal burial insurance after dealing with breast cancer, and help you discover the most cost-effective options available to you.

Why Do you Need Burial Insurance After Breast Cancer

Securing burial insurance following a battle with breast cancer offers invaluable peace of mind. It ensures financial protection for end-of-life expenses, alleviating the burden on loved ones. After facing the challenges of breast cancer, individuals seek assurance that their families won’t bear the weight of funeral costs. 


Burial insurance serves as a practical solution, covering funeral, burial, and related expenses. Given the uncertainties of health post-cancer, this insurance provides a safety net, offering a sense of closure and security, allowing survivors to focus on recovery without worrying about future financial obligations for their final arrangements.


What Is The Best Breast Cancer Burial Insurance Policy

Understanding your chance of survival is crucial to knowing the type of final expense insurance policy being presented to you.

Once treatment is over 2 years ago, you can get a simplified issue whole life insurance policy, regardless of your family history.

Every cancer is unique. The experience of having stage 3 breast cancer will differ from having stage 1 thyroid cancer.

If it’s a terminal illness, we have a life insurance carrier that guarantees acceptance and can provide assistance.


How Much Does Burial Insurance With Breast Cancer Cost?

Here’s a chart showing whole life insurance rates by age, providing sample burial insurance quotes.

There are rates for plans with no waiting period and for policies that are guaranteed acceptance (have a two-year wait).

Remember, the cost of burial insurance depends on your precise age, where you live, gender, health conditions, tobacco use (if any), and the coverage amount you seek.







(Monthly Rates)





(Monthly Rates)

(Monthly Rates)



Simplified Issue

(Monthly Rates)



Guaranteed Acceptance

(Monthly Rates)



If I Have Breast Cancer, Do I Need a Medical Exam to Qualify for Burial Insurance?

After having breast cancer, you DON’T need a medical exam to qualify for burial insurance.

When applying, you’ll only need to answer basic health questions. The process is straightforward; no medical records, blood, or urine samples are required.

You’ll get the official approval from the insurance company often within minutes!


Information We Need if You Have Breast Cancer

When you request a burial insurance quote, we will ask you some health questions to better understand your current health.

When you ask for a burial insurance quote, we’ll inquire about your health to gain a better understanding of your current condition.


These Questions May Include:

  1. When were you diagnosed with breast cancer?
  2. What is the grade or stage of your breast cancer?
  3. What breast cancer treatments did you have?
  4. How long did your breast cancer treatment last?
  5. What medications do you take for breast cancer?
  6. Are you in remission now?
  7. How long have you been in remission?
  8. Have you experienced any relapses?

Your responses to these breast cancer-related questions will assist us in determining the burial insurance plan you qualify for and the associated charges from life insurance companies.

We specialize in assisting breast cancer patients and survivors in obtaining the most suitable burial insurance policy. Our aim is to match you with the life insurance provider offering the best rates for individuals affected by breast cancer.

Benefits Of Burial & Funeral Insurance with breast cancer

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a burial or funeral policy:

  • No medical exam or doctor’s visit required – easy to get approved.
  • Ease of issue – easy to qualify and get insurance coverage.
  • No Money Down to get approved – have your policy start whenever you want.
  • Level premium – your premium will never increase.
  • Fixed death benefit – your death benefit will never decrease for any reason.
  • Permanent protection – your policy can not be canceled by the life insurance company if you continue to pay your premiums.
  • Tax-free – the death benefit is directly paid to your beneficiary tax-free upon your death
  • Cash value builds up – burial insurance is a whole life policy that builds cash value over time.

Breast Cancer and Burial Insurance Riders

Insurance policy riders offer additional benefits to your policy. By adding riders, you can tailor your policy to better suit your needs. Some riders are included in your policy, while others can be added for an extra cost. Many riders are affordable and require minimal or no underwriting.

Here’s a list of common burial insurance riders:

Terminal Illness Add-On BenefitIncluded with most plans
Nursing Home Care Add-On BenefitIncluded with most plans


What Types Of Burial Insurance Should I Avoid?

Term life Premiums increase after 5 years. Coverage ends after 80.
Pre-paid funeral plansExpensive
Universal life Tied with stocks
No health questions policies With 2-year waiting period
Plans offering “teaser rates” $9.95 per unit plans or $1 buys $100,000 coverage
Over priced plans Insurance from TV and junk mail
Plans that accept mail-in paymentsRisky
Plans that accept Direct Express High lapse rate
Plans that accept Credit Cards High lapse rate



Can a Person with Breast Cancer Get Burial Insurance?

Absolutely, individuals with breast cancer can obtain burial insurance. Moreover, if you’ve been cancer-free for two years or more, you may even qualify for a plan that offers coverage from the first day.

What is my Best Final Expense Insurance option if I have Breast Cancer?


If you’ve been cancer-free for two years, the ideal insurance choice would be a first-day coverage plan. Yet, if you’ve had a recent breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, the most suitable option would be to opt for guaranteed issue life insurance.

Is Breast Cancer a Disability?

No, breast cancer itself is not classified as a disability. However, if your cancer treatment has hindered your ability to work, you might qualify for long-term disability insurance.


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