Coffee Table Burial: A Unique Perspective on Final Resting Places

Last Updated on: February 21, 2024

Reviewed by Kyle Wilson

coffee table burials

Have you ever thought about keeping your loved ones close in a meaningful way and blending into your daily life? What if I told you that a coffee table could do just that? Imagine a beautifully crafted coffee table that serves its usual purpose and discreetly carries the ashes of a dearly missed family member or friend.

This isn’t just furniture; it’s a heartwarming homage, a daily reminder of love and memories in the center of your living space. Isn’t it comforting to have their presence shining through something as simple yet profound as a coffee table? Let’s start.

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What is a coffee table burial?

The burial coffee table is an extraordinary and personal strategy of honoring the memory of our dear and close who have left this earthly world. That implies the utilization of the ashes of the dead as a material to produce a coffee table and in this way, one will have a table which serves as a lost one’s memory and a functional tool. The idea is to keep the memory of the departed close in everyday life, blending the essence of remembrance with the practicality of home decor.

In this case, the coffee table will be designed specifically for this purpose that usually has a special compartment or they are crafted to ensure ash are housed securely and respectfully. This approach gives a more family-like and traditional sense of satisfaction compared to the traditional mode of burying or placing the body in the urn because it allows the family members to perceive the presence of their loved one at home, in reminiscing mode.

How it works

The Process how it works

Looking for how this process works? Well! Burial Coffee tables are a special way to remember someone who has passed away by turning their ashes into a part of a coffee table. Here’s how it’s done, step by step:

  • Cremation: First, the person who has passed away is cremated. This means their body is turned into ashes by burning. Professionals do this at a place called a crematorium.
  • Ash Collection: After the cremation, the ashes are collected and given to the family. These ashes are important because they will be used to make the coffee table.
  • Design Phase: Next, the family talks to experts who make special furniture to remember people. Together, they come up with a design for a coffee table. This is an important step because the table must be useful and honor the person who passed away. The family can decide how the table looks, what it’s made of, and how to include the ashes in the design.
  • Incorporation of Ashes: There are a few ways to add the ashes to the table. Sometimes, the ashes are mixed with materials like resin or glass to become part of the table’s top or decorations. Or, the ashes might be placed in a special part of the table made just for them. This step is done carefully to ensure the ashes are treated respectfully and safely added to the table.


This process turns a regular coffee table into something very special that keeps the memory of a loved one alive in the family’s daily life.

Is coffee table burial right for you?

Deciding whether or not the burying table should be placed is a result of you paying attention to your feelings, and your beliefs as well as the way you memorialize and honor your loved ones. Here are a few considerations to help you determine if this unique form of memorial is a fit for you:

Personal Comfort with the Concept:

Are you comfortable incorporating a loved one’s ashes into furniture that will be used daily? Your feelings towards this idea are crucial.

Family and Cultural Beliefs:

Consider how your family and cultural or religious beliefs view a burial coffee table. This memorialization method must respect all family members’ views and comfort levels.

Desire for Closeness: 

The burial table could present quite an unusual way of maintaining a connection in the house, so if you get a feeling that it helps to have a scent of something distracting you from your everyday life that may remind you of your special person you may find this table useful.

Space and Lifestyle: Consider carefully your living area and the lifestyle of the people living in it. The coffee table made of a burial option offers not only a space where you can place your loved one’s memory but also gives you the ability to pay tribute without needing an extra room for an urn or a memorial.

Aesthetic Preferences:

If you appreciate unique, customized pieces of furniture and the idea of integrating design with memory appeals to you, this could be a meaningful option.

Long-Term Considerations: 

Reflect on the long-term implications, including moving houses or passing the table to future generations. Consider how this form of memorial will fit into your life and your family’s life in the future.

Ultimately, choosing a coffee table burial is a deeply personal decision that should reflect your way of processing grief and commemorating your loved one. It’s important to discuss this option with family members and consider all aspects to ensure it’s a comforting and respectful way to remember the person you’ve lost.

Coffee table burial Vs glass coffin coffee table

Coffee table burial Vs glass coffin coffee table:

When considering unique ways to memorialize loved ones, two innovative concepts might come to mind: the burial coffee table and the glass coffin coffee table. Both approaches integrate the idea of memory and presence into everyday furniture, but they do so in very different ways. Do you have to decide between them which one is best? 

Understanding the distinctions between the two can help make a choice that aligns with personal preferences and comfort levels.

– Coffee Table Burial

  • Concept: This involves incorporating the ashes of a loved one into a coffee table, often through a special compartment or by integrating the ashes into the table’s design. It’s a subtle approach to memorialization.
  • Aesthetics: Typically, the design is elegant and understated, with the memorial aspect not immediately apparent to observers. It can blend seamlessly with home decor.
  • Interactivity: Offers a way to feel close to the deceased daily without overtly displaying the ashes. It’s more about the presence and memory than a visible tribute.
  • Emotional Impact: Aimed at providing comfort and a sense of closeness, making it a personal and intimate remembrance.
  • Versatility: Easily integrated into various interior design styles, the memorial element can be as discreet or noticeable as desired.

– Glass Coffin Coffee Table

Concept: This design likely refers to a more explicit display of remembrance, with a glass top allowing visibility into the coffin or memorial space within the table. It’s a direct approach to memorialization.

Aesthetics: The presence of the glass top makes the memorial aspect a central feature of the table’s design, likely drawing immediate attention and serving as a conversation starter.

Interactivity: Encourages engagement and reflection by making the memorial visible. It serves as a clear reminder of the deceased, potentially with items, photos, or even a visible urn on display.

Emotional Impact: It can be more confronting due to the visible reminder of loss, but for some, it may provide a stronger sense of connection and openness in grieving.

Versatility: It might be more challenging to blend into all home decor due to its distinct nature. The design is more specific and might appeal to those who prefer a clear and open form of tribute.

 Here’s a simple comparison table of the benefits of both Coffee Tables:


Coffee Table Burial

Glass Coffin Coffee Table

Memory Keeping

Keeps the memory of a loved one close in your home.

Doesn’t keep memories in the same way.

Personal Touch

Can be customized to reflect the loved one’s style.

Can be styled to your taste, but not as personal.


Made to last and keep memories alive for years.

Durable, but more about style than memory.

Unique Design

Unique because it’s deeply personal.

Unique for its eye-catching design.

Space Saving

Serves a dual purpose, saving space in your home.

A stylish piece of furniture without extra purpose.

This table shows that a Coffee Table Burial is all about keeping memories close and adding a personal touch to your home, while a Glass Coffin Coffee Table is more about having a unique and cool piece of furniture.


In conclusion, a coffee table burial offers a profoundly personal and innovative way to memorialize loved ones within the home. This method combines the functional with the sentimental, allowing individuals to keep the memory of their departed close in a subtle and deeply meaningful manner. It caters to those seeking a less conventional, more intimate form of remembrance, integrating the essence of the loved one into daily life without the overt emotional weight of traditional memorials. 

As society’s perspectives on mourning and memory evolve, the burial table stands out as a testament to the desire for closeness and continuity. It represents a shift towards embracing more personalized and comforting approaches to remembering those we’ve lost, making it a valuable option for those navigating the journey of grief and remembrance.


How Does a Coffee Table Burials Work?

In a table burial, ashes are securely placed on a specially designed coffee table. This can be through a hidden compartment or by integrating the ashes into the table’s materials. The design ensures respect and dignity for the departed while providing a unique memorial at home.

Can I Customize a Coffee Table Burial?

Table burials can be highly customized in design, materials, and incorporating ashes. This personalization allows families to create a memorial that truly reflects the personality and preferences of their loved ones.

Where Can I Order a Coffee Table Designed for Burial?

Burial tables require specialized design and craftsmanship. They can be ordered from companies specializing in custom memorial furniture or artisans who can tailor the piece to your specifications. Researching providers with experience in memorial pieces is key to finding the right option for your needs.

How much does a coffee table burial cost?

The cost of a burial table varies widely, typically from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on design complexity, materials, and customization.


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