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Is Funeral and Burial Insurance Worth it?


Death of a loved one can be a very uncomfortable subject and funeral expenses can escalate that discomfort. But what if the deceased had bought a funeral or burial insurance plan? 

Funeral and burial insurance is one of the choices of many individuals in the USA to protect their families from heavy funeral costs. With these plans, the insured can also decide the type of funeral and burial ceremony they want. But the question is: “Is funeral or burial insurance worth it?” Let’s have a quick check! 

What is Funeral Insurance? 

Funeral insurance is a small insurance plan designed to cover the final expenses of the insured. It is also known as burial or final expense insurance providing coverage of $5,000 to $25,000 that can be paid to a designated beneficiary on the policyholder’s demise.

What Does It Cover?

It covers all the expenses related to the funeral ceremony, burial, or cremation (if the policyholder wants). Costs of headstone purchases, burial plots, flowers, and viewing services all are included in this plan. However, it doesn’t cover other expenses as the coverage amount is too low. 


What Does It Cost? 

On average, a funeral insurance plan costs you about $50 to $70 a month with a coverage plan of $10,000. However, the monthly premium can be higher or lower based on your age, health, gender, and coverage amount. 


What is Burial Insurance? 

Most people get confused by considering burial insurance a separate product from funeral insurance. That’s not true. Both of these insurances are essentially the same. They cover almost all the same expenses associated with death, funeral, and burial ceremonies. 


As funeral insurance is also called final expense insurance, burial insurance, and other names, applicants get confused. But in most cases, funeral and burial insurance are the same thing. 


Perks of Having Funeral and Burial Insurance 

Having this insurance can be a good thing as it assists you in the most difficult times. Not everyone gets a traditional life insurance plan as it’s expensive and has certain limitations, there lies funeral insurance. Other benefits are:


  • Cover final expenses 
  • No medical exam 
  • Guaranteed payout
  • Predetermined funeral and burial arrangements 
  • Provides coverage if applicants can’t qualify for a standard plan. 

Is Funeral and Burial Insurance Worth It? 

Funeral or burial insurance is considered the “last resort” for those who can’t qualify for any other standard life insurance plan. If you have no funds saved for funeral expenses and have some chronic illness, getting a funeral or burial insurance is worth it. It will save your loved ones from a hefty bill for your end-life expenses after death. 


How to Buy a Funeral or Burial Insurance Plan?

The best way to get final expenses insurance is to consult a licensed insurance agent. He is an experienced person who suggests you the best plan that fits your needs and budgets. At Burial Senior Insurance, we have professionals who can answer all your queries, assess your insurance needs and determine the best type of final expenses insurance for you. 


Call us now at +1 (800)-718-4568 to get more information about funeral and burial insurance. 

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