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Affordable burial insurance with no waiting period

No Waiting Period Burial Insurance

A no-waiting period burial insurance can easily be found in a couple of ways. One of the best ways to get no waiting period insurance is via simplified issue life insurance. It’s a simple burial insurance plan that does not require a medical exam, but instead an easy health questionnaire.

However, you may be thinking of any guaranteed issue life insurance policy out there with no waiting period. Let’s find out what options you may have for no waiting period burial insurance.

Simplified Issue

First, discuss the best all-around no-waiting period burial insurance that is a simplified issue. It’s the best because it offers lower premiums and higher death benefits for the policyholders.


While in terms of a medical exam, the insured just has to answer some health and lifestyle questions. Remember that approval for this plan is not guaranteed but most who apply get accepted.


Moreover, medical questionnaires of simplified issues may vary from company to company. So consulting an agent who is experienced and accessible to various companies is the best way to get an idea about it. At Burial Senior Insurance, we have licensed agents who can help you with that.


Do you Get No Waiting Period Final Insurance While Having Diabetes?

Yes, of course not only you can get a final insurance plan for diabetics but also get one with no waiting period. You just have to answer some questions about your disease like the insurer may want to know when you were first diagnosed with diabetes. Luckily, if you have been diagnosed in your senior years, you will get a simplified issue plan.


Is There a Waiting Period for Cancer Diagnosis?

In case your cancer had been treated at least three years before, this is a chance to get burial insurance with no waiting period. But, if you are diagnosed with cancer within the last two years, unfortunately, you can’t get a life insurance plan without a waiting period, even if you beat it.


Exceptional is the case if you have basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. Both of them don’t affect your ability to get insured via a final expense life insurance plan.


Guaranteed Acceptance Insurance without a Waiting Period

Many people ask if there is any guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan without a waiting period. No, there’s no insurance plan for guaranteed acceptance without a waiting period.


If the insured passes away before the waiting period (generally 2 to 3 years based on the plan) ends, the payout his beneficiaries would get is the paid premiums with some interest. However, an accidental death is the exception and the beneficiary will get the full death benefit.


Why No Waiting Period Burial Insurance is Important for Seniors?

You can be in good health today and on your deathbed the next day. Who knows! Death is unpredictable and can come out and leave your loved ones with hefty funeral and burial expenses.


Most people get funeral or burial insurance when they get older or have some illness. But that shouldn’t be the reason to go for a plan with 2 years or more waiting period with no insurance coverage especially when they get immediate coverage from the first day.


Furthermore, if you need some assistance regarding the waiting period insurance plan, give us a call at +1 (800)-718-4568. Our licensed and certified agents are ready to help you instantly.


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