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Last Updated on: May 14, 2024

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best states to sell final expense over the phone

Are you curious about where you might hit the best states to sell final expense over the phone? Think about the places across the U.S. where people are just waiting for someone like you to offer them peace of mind for their future. What if we could figure out the top states where your sales pitch could really take off? Come and join us to work together. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the best spots to make your mark in the world of final expense insurance sales.

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How to sell final expense insurance over the phone?

Selling final expense insurance over the phone is an art that balances empathy with strategy. It’s about connecting, understanding, and offering solutions. Here’s a concise guide to mastering this skill:

Be Prepared: Know your policies and understand your target audience. Anticipation is key to addressing concerns and tailoring your approach.

Understand Needs: Use open-ended questions to dive deep into the client’s concerns. The better you understand, the more effectively you can present your insurance as a solution.

Offer Solutions: Using straightforward language, clearly outline how the policy addresses its specific concerns, focusing on benefits and the peace of mind it offers.

Address Objections: Approach objections patiently and provide clear, factual responses. Understanding their hesitations allows you to offer reassurance and build confidence.

Close Gracefully: Lead the client towards a decision with a summary of benefits. Respect their decision-making process and offer to follow up if they’re undecided.

Follow-up: Whether they sign up or not, a thoughtful follow-up can open the door to future communication and show your commitment to their needs.

Selling final expense insurance over the phone can be effective and fulfilling if you combine active listening with a positive, informed approach.

Best states to sell final expense over the phone

Select the state you like to sell final expense on phone , its depend on demand and policy benefits , most famous state are North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Texas, New York, and California  including their demographic profiles, economic environments, and the specific needs of their populations. Let’s delve into why these states are considered top choices for final expense sales over the phone and explore the concept of sales ratios in these areas.

– California

California’s vast population is highly diverse, with many seniors. The state’s urban centres , such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, offer concentrated markets for final expense insurance sales. Despite a complex regulatory environment, the potential customer base in California is enormous, driven by demographic trends and the state’s overall population size.

– Ohio

Ohio boasts a substantial elderly demographic, combined with a culture that values planning for the future. These factors create an open market for final expense insurance. Additionally, the state’s mix of urban and rural settings allows for diverse sales strategies and the opportunity to customize outreach efforts.

– North Carolina

North Carolina’s appeal lies in its growing elderly population and its balanced mix of urban and rural areas. This diversity allows for a broad targeting strategy, from bustling city centres to quieter rural communities. The state’s regulatory environment is also conducive to selling insurance and clearly tell best states to sell final expense over the phone, providing a relatively straightforward pathway for phone-based sales.

– Georgia

With its significant retiree population and major urban centres like Atlanta, Georgia presents a ripe market for final expense insurance. The state’s demographic trends indicate a growing number of seniors, many of whom are considering end-of-life planning, making it an ideal time to introduce final expense insurance solutions.

– Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the top states regarding the proportion of elderly residents, making it a prime market for final expense insurance. Its diverse geography, including urban areas and rural communities, offers many sales opportunities. The presence of a large senior population means many families are currently facing or will soon face end-of-life planning decisions.

– New Jersey

The Population is dense and income of their peoples are high median offer great opportunities to get more sales The state’s residents are well-informed about financial planning, making them more receptive to the benefits of final expense insurance,  New Jersey’s proximity to major metropolitan areas increases the potential customer base

– Illinois

With its combination of urban centres such as Chicago and extensive rural areas, Illinois provides a varied market for final expense insurance sales. The state’s demographic trends indicate a growing elderly population, highlighting the increasing need for end-of-life financial planning services.

– Florida

Renowned for its large retiree population, Florida is one of the country’s best markets for final expense insurance. The state’s demographic is large and growing, offering vast opportunities for phone sales. Given the state’s popular status as a retirement destination, Florida’s residents often have specific needs related and consider best states to sell final expense over the phone.

– Texas

Texas’ massive and diverse population makes it an attractive market for selling final expense insurance. The state’s urban areas, such as Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, provide dense sales markets, while its extensive rural areas offer untapped potential. Texas’ demographic trends, including a growing elderly population, underscore the demand for final expense products.

– New York

The New York have a large and diverse population including significant diversity of old age residents especially in urban areas like New York City. The high cost of living and residents’ general awareness of financial planning amplifies the importance of final expense insurance, making it a vital product for many families.

Sales Ratio Concept

While providing specific sales ratios for each state would require access to detailed and up-to-date market data readily available with industry-specific sales reports, we can discuss the concept and its implications. Sales ratios in the context of final expense insurance typically reflect the number of successful sales compared to the number of potential customers contacted or the total number of leads and also depends on best states to sell final expense over the phone.. These ratios can be influenced by factors such as:

Demographic Suitability: States with a higher percentage of the target demographic (e.g., seniors) might naturally have higher sales ratios.

Economic Factors: Areas with higher incomes might see more disposable income allocated to financial planning, potentially boosting sales ratios.

Market Saturation: States with fewer competitors in the final expense insurance market might offer better sales ratios due to less competition.

Regulatory Environment: Easier regulatory environments for insurance sales can lead to higher sales efficiency and better ratios.

Getting Good Sales motivate on effective targeting next time, & help creating goals for next times  and a deep understanding of the unique needs and preferences of the population in each state. Tailoring your approach to each market find best states to sell final expense over the phone, keeping abreast of demographic shifts,  and create new strategies to get more success in these state of USA.

Techniques for final expense phone sales

Selecting the best states to sell final expenses over the phone effectively hinges on understanding, empathy, and strategic communication. Here are concise tips to refine your approach:

Know Your Audience: Focus on seniors and their families, understanding their concerns about future financial burdens.

Build Personal Connections: Start by listening and showing genuine interest in their stories, which fosters trust and openness.

Educate Your Clients: Instead of hard selling, educate them on the benefits and importance of final expense insurance, positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and chose best states to sell final expense over the phone

Tackle Objections Head-On: Be ready with clear, empathetic responses to common concerns, such as costs and the policy’s value.

Emphasize Key Benefits: Highlight the peace of mind, affordability, and simplicity of obtaining final expense insurance.

Share Real-Life Stories: Use anecdotes to illustrate how final expense insurance has helped others, making the benefits more tangible.

Persist with Follow-Ups: Gentle reminders or additional information can nudge interested prospects toward a decision.

Leverage Technology: Use digital tools for lead management and client interaction, enhancing efficiency and personalization.

By integrating these strategies with a compassionate and professional approach, you can successfully navigate the final expense insurance market, providing invaluable peace of mind to your clients.


In simple terms, finding the best states to sell final expense over the phone depends on where you look and how you connect with people. Places like New York, California, Florida, and Texas are great because many people, especially many older folks, live there. Other states like North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois also offer good chances because people there often think ahead about their future needs

Selling insurance in these states means really getting to know what people want and need and being there to offer them peace of mind. Every state has its own story and opportunities and can be the best states to sell final expense over the phone, so understanding and adapting to each one can help you succeed in this field.


Q1. Which skills are needed to sell final expense insurance?

Selling final expense insurance effectively requires strong empathy to connect with clients personally and excellent communication skills to explain complex information in simple, relatable terms.

Q2. How do you choose the best states to sell final expense over the phone?

To choose the best states for selling final expense insurance by phone, focus on areas with large elderly populations and consider states with favorable regulatory environments for insurance sales.

Q3. Can you make good money selling final expenses?

Yes, selling final expense insurance can be quite good, especially with a dedicated approach to understanding client needs and building strong relationships.


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