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Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients

Yes, there are indeed burial insurance options available for individuals who have had cancer.

Furthermore, there are still options for those currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Having a cancer diagnosis doesn’t automatically exclude you from obtaining life insurance.


Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients

There are plans known as guaranteed issue life insurance that accept nearly everyone, regardless of their health history, including those with a cancer diagnosis.


How We Get Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients

Regardless of whether you have had cancer in the past or currently have it, there are available options for you.


There will only be a few questions regarding your diagnosis:

  • What type of cancer do (or did) you have?
  • When did you last receive treatment of any kind?
  • If you don’t currently have cancer, when was the last time you did?
  • How many times have you been diagnosed with cancer?


By answering these questions, it will assist us in finding a company that can offer you the coverage you require at the best available price.


To be completely honest, if you currently have cancer, most insurance companies will likely decline to offer you coverage. However, there are still available policies called guaranteed issue life insurance that certain companies offer to individuals in your situation.

Waiting period

Keep this in mind: If you’ve had or received treatment for cancer within the last two years, any life insurance policy offered to you will come with a two-year waiting period for its full benefit.

If you were to pass away, except in the case of an accident, the insurance company will not pay out the death benefit. However, your beneficiaries will receive, at the very least, all the premiums you paid, and potentially some interest as well.

The only exceptions to this waiting period for cancer are basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. These two types of cancer do not impact your eligibility to obtain final expense life insurance without a waiting period.


Cost of Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients

Guaranteed life insurance does come with a higher premium compared to other policies. At times, it can be as much as double the premium of a standard policy.

Yet, agencies like ours shop for your policy across the highest-rated companies, significantly reducing that cost. While it will still be higher due to the risk, it won’t be nearly as much more expensive.


When Is The Best Time To Get Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients?

Getting life insurance before a cancer diagnosis is ideal. It’s best to purchase burial insurance NOW while you’re younger to secure the best price. Every year you delay getting burial insurance, your life insurance premium increases.

Should you buy life insurance if you have cancer? If you have cancer, having burial insurance becomes more crucial because the future is uncertain. You definitely wouldn’t want to burden your family with your final expenses, would you?


Obtaining burial insurance for cancer patients is generally possible in most cases. However, you need to be strategic with your application. Choose a life insurance company that provides immediate coverage (if your health allows) at the most affordable rate.

It’s essential to conduct research before purchasing burial insurance, and it’s often better to collaborate with a qualified insurance agency or agents.


How To Get The Best Burial Insurance Rates For Cancer Patients

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, are undergoing treatment, or in remission, it’s advisable to obtain burial insurance NOW while you’re younger. By doing so, you can lock in the best price today and maintain the same premium for life.

Delaying getting burial insurance with cancer causes your life insurance premium to increase each year.


Obtaining burial insurance for cancer patients and survivors is absolutely possible. You simply need to be strategic and collaborate with an independent life insurance agency like burial senior insurance, which can guide you to the right insurance company offering the best rates.


You’re cancer-free now but have had it within the past few years

If you have been cancer-free with no treatment for at least two years, your life insurance options significantly improve.


We can probably find you a policy with no waiting period, and the premiums become much more favorable.


If you haven’t had cancer or received treatment for it for over three years, not only will you qualify for a policy without a waiting period, but you’ll also be eligible for the best rates!